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Array Manipulation

JavaScript offers different ways to manipulate arrays. However, there are methods that changes the original array and other methods that don’t. The methods that changes original array is called MUTATION. Let’s take a look at most common methods to manipulate arrays in JavaScript Now, that we know…

Higher order functions

I recently started learning JavaScript and I tumbled upon a concept called Higher Order Functions (HOF). There are quite a lot of documents in the internet that explains what an HOF is, and here is my thought. Before explaining what an HOF is, let’s see how a function looks like in JavaScript…

Ternary Operators

The ternary operator is basically another way to implement the statement. Now, if it’s just another way to implement the statement, why can’t I use the same old ? Why would I need to take up something extra which I don’t need right now? As for any new change, the answer to the above question is…

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