Playwright framework implementation - Part 1

Let’s see the implementation of the playwright framework from the github repo which I created as part of my hands-on effort. Now before I begin, I just wanted to give a little heads-up. This…

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Short circuit in javascript

Short circuit is an interesting concept in JavaScript where we make JavaScript to evaluate a typically unorthodox condition to human eye but make total sense to JavaScript typing engine So…

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Password Management

Managing passwords is often a challenging task unless you have a eidetic memory or lazy enough to click on forget username/password. I believe the neither of those is gonna end up reading…

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Array Manipulation

JavaScript offers different ways to manipulate arrays. However, there are methods that changes the original array and other methods that don’t. The methods that changes original array is…

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How to start blogging

Now this being an obscure topic, I will try to be as different as possible. First things first, you guessed it right. Bluehost. Every post that I found about how to start a blog has section…

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How to stay a blogger

Staying a blogger is always gonna be hard business. After revamping my blog site, I reviewed most if the interesting and well-established personal blogger sites and guess what, they are not…

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Binary Search

Before we get into the syntax and logic of binary search algorithm, let’s ask ourselves this question. Why do we need binary search at all in the first place? To understand, let’s work with…

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