How to stay a blogger

How to stay a blogger

Staying a blogger is always gonna be hard business. After revamping my blog site, I reviewed most if the interesting and well-established personal blogger sites and guess what, they are not staying a blogger consistently. It’s quite obvious that once you plan to start a blog, you put some good efforts into it and it’s no surprise. I have seen blogs where there were close to 80 posts in a month 10 years ago and hardy any posts in a month now. And I say that is no accident. It’s just the way life goes. Everyone has other work to do apart from blogging unless you earn quite enough from your blog posts.

So, my first point about how to stay a blogger is plan not to. Yes. You read it right. Coz’ if you are creating your own blog, you are more likely to lose interest in due time and that’s totally human. That’s why I plan to create posts only when I have time and spend enough time to create one before publishing. That way I know that I am doing this only coz’ I’m interested in writing and not expecting anything more.

Now, there is always a different opinion from different people and I respect that. If you think you can plan your life so perfectly, that even after a decade your plan still stays the same, I probably prefer anyone like that, not reading this blog!

Having said that, my primary objective now with this post of mine is basically NOT to prove a point and that’s the way the cookie crumbles 🙂

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