How to start blogging

How to start blogging

Now this being an obscure topic, I will try to be as different as possible.

First things first, you guessed it right. Bluehost. Every post that I found about how to start a blog has section to create Bluehost account and use their service. I am not going to make any suggestions here, but I would say make your own research before buying a hosting space.

Most of us tend to believe that the service that the product owner provides is directly proportional to the service that they provide and most of the times, it is true. Let’s see an example here.

Service provider X bills $2.00 per month and service provider Y bills $1.60 per month. Now without knowing anything about either X or Y, if someone asks which one is better (without considering the cost), we would say X is better.

Now, the outcome of the above scenario is either X might actually be better or maybe not. The point is, you are going to create a blogging portal for yourself or for your niche and you are not going to build a website like google. That means during the initial days, all you need is a single digit simultaneous user-handling server, which you will be hitting all alone. And, by the time you reach a significant user base, you will be matured enough to handle hosting changes. We don’t have to overthink here. Some would prefer cheap and some would prefer quality. I would let you decide on that.

Though, this site is not a WordPress site, I would recommend non-technical users to go-ahead with any hosting provided which installs WordPress. Now, one of the mistakes that I did was looking free resources everywhere, until I realized that I would lose my interest as long as something is free. Coz’ as long as you know that something is free and you can get it anytime you wanted and you have nothing to lose, chances of losing interest are more likely to come true. What I’m trying to say is, just buy a paid WordPress theme that you like. Don’t go for free themes.

Now, some people might argue that the above statement (or everything) is not true and I agree to that. I have seen sites (sub-domains) in and having more visitors than individually/business owned sites. I gotta say, “They are great bloggers”. This post is just for the ones that are trying to do something good and no intent to become great!

Now, if you are still reading this. It’s time for you to start writing.

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