Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Ever wondered why do websites have no decline option in their cookie policy popup? Well, lets’ see.

Today, almost all sites in the internet uses cookies that is stored temporarily in the system cache to ease authentication of the same user in the same system. I’m talking about well-established sites that makes some use of the information in your local machine (THE COOKIE!).

Why do I need it? As per GDPR, every website that tracks their visitors should have the visitors consent to use their data to better manage what they need. So if you are tracking your website users and making decisions based on their user data, then ‘YES’, you have to force the user to accept your cookie policy.

Do I need it?

Before we get into the fun part, we gotta understand what this cookie policy can do. Let’s say you own a blogging portal with ‘Disqus’ comment system enabled. Obviously, any visitor need to have a ‘Disqus’ account in order to comment. This means, like it or not ‘Disqus’ can track your visitors on which sites they visit and which site they comment and maybe manipulate your data based on their need.

Now, let’s get into the fun part. As long as you plan to use your visitor’s data and manipulate something from it, you gotta have the cookie policy in your site. However, what do you think you can do with your visitor’s data?

As soon as that question is asked, we start to think big! Maybe we can find users locations. “Ok, then what?” If you are just planning or started a blog for yourself like me, all we have is our petty subscription list, which is a list of email ids’ that will be almost empty for atleast couple of months! What can possibly be done with that except sending emails about new posts, which again seldom occurs?

Therefore, my view of adding a cookie policy is, if you are just starting a blog; just make sure that you are not adding any tracking 3rd party code that tracks your blogs visitor. That means, in case of WordPress websites, the plug-ins that you use in your site may need you to register in order to use it, but not for your visitors. That is it. You have a long way to go before you even think about adding the cookie policy. Just focus on adding new and useful posts. After all, who wants to accept a policy that has no choices?

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